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And the speculation keeps coming

This is from the Sun-Sentinel blog.

Couple of names that jumped out from last week's non-tender list were Takashi Saito and Joey Gathright. Figured Saito might be a nice safety net for Matt Lindstrom and add some much needed bullpen experience. Gathright is a blazing fast outfielder who the Marlins have discussed in the past. He was a draft pick of the Tampa Rays while Marlins VP of Player Personnel Dan Jennings was overseeing the scouting department there.

As of this afternoon, the Marlins had not made inquires on either of them.

There ain't no way the Marlins are going to sign Saito -- he cost too much.

Saito turned downed a $2.5 million dollar offer from the Dodgers to try his luck at free agency.

And the in words of Larry Beinfest to Joe Nelson:

"The Marlins have a certain amount of money allotted for the bullpen, and they felt I was over that. Larry said he wanted to keep the lines of communication open."

If the Marlins couldn't afford Nelson's $700,000 - $800,000, there is no way they will pony up millions for Saito.

Gathright really doesn't bring anything to the table.  He is not that great on defense, he has no pop and he is starting to hit more balls in the air which is not a good sign.  I will give him this, he does a fine job of leaning out over the plate and getting plunked.  I guess if the Marlins have a demand for a player who will take one for the team, he's our guy.

But the truth be told, the Marlins would be better off with Carroll as the fourth outfielder as opposed to Gathright.  With one caveat, I'm not sure the Fish want Carroll to be taking one for the team since he is likely to break something.