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Joe Nelson - Part Two

It seems the Marlins are betting on that Joe Nelson can't find a better deal anywhere else.

Nelson said on Saturday that the Marlins are leaving the door open for the right-hander if he can't find a more attractive situation elsewhere. Florida's president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest thanked Nelson for his services in 2008, and noted the right-hander could still become a Marlin down the line.

Uh huh.

Naturally Joe had some misgivings about turning down a sure job in hopes of one in the future.

"There were thoughts of 30 minutes later calling Larry and saying, 'Maybe I didn't make the right decision,'" Nelson said. "My wife in the same breath said stick with your instincts, and you haven't closed the door on anything."

When Mrs. Nelson talks, you listen.

As it turns out, Joe is sparking some interest.

According to Eli's MLB Rumors.

The Royals, Red Sox, Brewers, and Mariners are possible targets for Nelson, who could make as much as one million dollars this offseason.

While what the fans think in baseball doesn't mean much, the Royals fans seem to be onboard for signing Joe.

As are the Tigers fans.

I will be very much surprised if Joe Nelson is wearing Teal in 2009.  I'm guessing it will turn out that there is a market for a quality late innings reliever and the Marlins blew their chance.

In case you were wondering about the complete list of non-tendered players, here it is. (via Bless You Boys)

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