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Hanley Ramirez to play SS in WBC

Hanley Ramirez will play shortstop in the WBC.

But he made it clear Marlins star Hanley Ramirez is more than welcome to join Jose Reyes and Miguel Tejada at the position. Alou ruled out a move to third or the outfield for Ramirez.

"If Ramirez is [willing] to participate, he'll be there," Alou said after a news conference announcing details for the second WBC. "I see him at shortstop in the tournament."

"Willing to participate"?  Is there a chance that Hanley won't play for the Dominican Republic?

I have no idea but the last I heard, he was going to play.  And if he does, that will be a lot good shortstops for the team.  Hanley is, at this point, the best hitter of the three but not necessarily the best one on defense.

The Marlins gave clearance to Felipe Alou to play him anywhere he likes, which isn't a bad move considering Alou is a smart baseball guy and won't put Ramirez in a position where he is likely to hurt himself.

But honestly, the real reason Alou only will play Hanley at shortstop and nowhere else is: the Dominican team is probably stack with great players at every position and shortstop is the only place he fits into the mix.