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Marlins swapping outfielders

It appears that the Marlins have finally come to their senses and are rethinking the outfield alignment.

The Marlins may have found a new left fielder and a new right fielder for next season - without making a trade or signing a free agent.

Barring a move before spring training, the Marlins are prepared to start Jeremy Hermida in left field and Cody Ross in right field in 2009.


Cody is by far the better outfielder and having him in the short field in left never made any sense.  With Cody in right he can cut down on extra base hits and he has a better outfield arm. (Note: to all of you who think that Hermida's arm is stronger, perhaps it is, but it doesn't matter if he can't put himself in a good throwing position, which he doesn't.)

Of course this will require Hermida to learn how to play balls off the Teal Monster, which may be an adventure during the first half of the season.  But surely, he will figure it out.....I hope.

This is a good move.