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Winter Meetings - Marlins Style

Here are the latest updates/rumors going on with the Marlins during the Winter Meetings.

First off we have this:

Count veteran free agent righty Paul Byrd among the options the Marlins are considering, according to a source familiar with the front office’s strategies…

Which was followed by this:

The team is not pursuing RHP Paul Byrd… 


If the Marlins should pursue Byrd, I will give my opinion then.  But it appears for now, they aren't, maybe.

Carol Pavano may be under consideration.

The agent for right-hander Carl Pavano, Tom O'Connell, met with Marlins officials on Tuesday at the Winter Meetings.

"I had a conversation with the Marlins, and it went well," O'Connell said. "I've also met with several other teams. It's very preliminary."

O'Connell would not give specific details of his discussion with the Marlins, but he noted that "quite a few teams" have shown interest in the right-hander.

Let me help out with the details.

Dan Jennings, the Marlins' vice president of baseball personnel, spoke informally with the agent for Carl Pavano on Tuesday, but Beinfest said he had not spoken with Tom O'Connell and had no plans to do so "in the near future." 

Until Beinfest enters into the talks, there is nothing monumental going on.

But I will say this: with all of the pitching rumors going on -- why the heck did we trade Scott Olsen?

Yesterday the Marlins made two trade offers and are waiting for the counter offers if they come.

The Marlins had met formally with just two clubs as of Tuesday evening and made a pair of trade proposals that Beinfest described as being of mid-range importance.

I have absolutely no idea what mid-range importance means.

The only thing else that is happening concerning the Marlins, so far, is the usual Hermida and Cantu talk and teams wishing they could get Uggla.  But really, there is nothing to report on that front.


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