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Jorge Cantu "Human Lawn Statue"

R.J. Anderson, at DRays Bay, was going over some historical base stealing stats for the Rays and came to the conclusion that Jorge Cantu was a "Human Lawn Statue".

Trivial Rays Notes About Steals

R.J. should be happy to hear that Cantu found his wheels with the Marlins.

Last season Jorge stole 6 bases while being caught in two other attempts.

So going by R.J.'s methodology of Stolen base attempts/(H+BB+HBP), Cantu ballooned to a .036 stolen base percentage.

If last season is any indication, Cantu has taken himself out of the "Human Lawn Statue" category and has place himself in the Human Garden Gnome category.  A Human Garden Gnome normally just sits where he is placed, but on rare occasions a picture will show up on the web with him being in a strange place, say like second after hitting a single.

Like I said, it doesn't happen very often, but that is one of the mysteries of garden gnomes, they inexplicably travel.