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Weekend Chum Bucket

Sorry about the lack of posts for yesterday, but real life got in the way and there was absolutely nothing I could do.  But things are better now and just in time to do the weekend Chum Bucket.

I'm not really sure what is happening this weekend.  One would guess a bunch of college football games are being played, probably the NBA is in session and I'm thinking that hockey thing is still going on.  If any of those things are of interest to you, comment away.

Perhaps you would rather comment on the finer things in life, the proper positions to stand, in which, to judge a painted work of art, the minimum amount of time one should allow red wine to breath, remembering back to when the only choices in Caviar were  Beluga, Osetra and Sevruga, or the proper ratio of the number of bags needed of Scoop Fritos per pound of Publix pimento cheese.

Anything goes in the Weekend Chum Bucket (actually, anything goes in any Chum Bucket, but that is beside the point), so comment on absolutely anything you feel the need to.

Have a Great Weekend!