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Chum Bucket

Welcome to today's Chum Bucket and one I have to do very quickly.

I had another story about the Dodgers not picking up Brad Penny's option and thus making him a free agent, but for the life of me I can't find it.  Basically what it said was if Penny was healthy, I would love to have him back.  (And that healthy thing makes it a mighty big if.)  Of course, there is no way the Marlins could afford him, but it would be nice to watch an old (and he is not old, only in Marlins years) fire baller who can maintain his velocity inning after inning and in between lightening bolts mixes in explosive breaking stuff.  Come to think of it, no wonder he has a sore shoulder.  That has to be pretty tough on a human body.

But enough about my dreams, like always, they never come true.  That's a lie, the Marlins have won two World Series and I'm looking for a third.  I guess the story is you only get a low number of dreams that come true.  Obviously, I didn't major in philosophy in college.

Speaking of college, on the sports agenda tonight is Maryland at Virginia Tech.  For obvious reasons I tend to root for Virginia Tech.  But if you are a Terrapin type of person, knock yourself out.

Have a Great Day!