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GMs Meetings at a notorious place

File this one under, things I didn't know.  It turns out the General Managers meetings are being held in a, shall we say, recently historic location.

Baseball general managers began an offseason of economic uncertainty when they gathered Monday for their annual meeting -- at the same posh resort where AIG executives convened following the company's government bailout in September...

There has to be a word for this but it is definitely not coming to my mind.  Perhaps, it will yours.

Speaking of the General Managers meetings, I wonder how far they had to drive in order to find a bowling alley.

Beinfest and the rest of the general managers went bowling Tuesday afternoon.

''I talked to Jeffrey [Loria] before I went, told him I was going bowling,'' Beinfest said. 'He said, `Oh, don't drop the ball on your foot.' ''

Beinfest didn't do that, but he rolled a 113 and 126.

If Beinfest ever entertained the thought of joining the PBA.....let's just say -- don't quit your day job.