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Stadium News - Sort of

According to David Samson the new park, should it be built, (Yes, I'm a member of the I will believe it when I see it club.) will have similar dimensions as JRS.

HOK Sport, the designer of the new park, has drawn up a field that will have a 340-foot fence down the left-field line. The left-field alley will be set at 384 feet.



The deepest part of the new park will be 420 feet, and then it will slant down to 416 feet in dead center. The power alley in right center is 392 feet. The shortest part of the park will be 335 feet, down the right-field line.

"The reason for the 420-quirk in left-center field is a nod to the 'Bermuda Triangle,' and an acknowledgment of what we will consider to be a moon shot that can be hit out of the ballpark in that direction," Samson said.



The current measurements at Dolphin Stadium are: 330 feet in left field, 434 feet at the peak of the triangle in center, 385 feet in right center and 345 feet down the right-field line.

What still hasn't been finalized is the height of the wall. One thing that is clear is it will vary. Dolphin Stadium has the "teal monster" at 26 1/2 feet in left field, while the rest of the wall is set at eight feet.

"The last piece of the field-dimension puzzle is the fence size, which all we can say now is it will not be uniform," Samson said.



That is about all I can capture given the fair use doctrine, and it maybe too much.  Therefore you need to read the entire article to get a guess on what the possible new stadium will look like dimension-wise.  

 For some reason the idea that there is hope the teal monster will be replicated as well as the Bermuda Triangle, appeals to me.

But until the renderings are released and approved we won't know for certain, or at least close to certain, what the field will look like.  However, assuming Samson is speaking the truth, and that is always a dangerous thing to assume, it is going to be a big field.

Now whether it plays that way is another story.  When Minute Maid was built for the Astros everyone, including the architects, thought it would be a pitcher's ballpark, which ended up far from the case.

So we shall see.