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Scott Olsen not on the blocks yet

According to Ken Rosenthal, offers for Scott Olsen aren't being entertained, just yet.

The Marlins likely will wait until the top free-agent starting pitchers sign with new clubs before seriously entertaining offers for left-hander Scott Olsen. The team's rotation without Olsen next season would include right-handers Ricky Nolasco, Josh Johnson, Chris Volstad and lefty Andrew Miller. By giving up three years of control on Olsen, the Marlins likely could get a decent return.

Personally, I hope the Marlins keep Olsen especially since he is turning into the perfect 3rd or 4th starter.  Scott eats up innings and puts up solid numbers and not to mention he is still young.

Young pitchers who can do what Olsen has proven he can do, are like gold.  So if the Marlins decide to move him, they should get a decent return to say the least.  However, I still think the team would be best served to hold on to him and let him do his thing for the Fish.

I know others disagree my thoughts, but hey, playing GM is one of the fun things about offseason baseball.  So disagree away.