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Logan Morrison moving to the outfield?

It appears that Logan Morris' future with the Florida Marlins maybe in the outfield.  This was not unexpected.

First base prospect Logan Morrison, last season's Florida State League MVP, continues lighting up the Arizona Fall League. Morrison hit for the cycle Thursday and entered the week batting .453 with four doubles, two triples, three homers and 16 RBI in 13 games.

It would appear Gaby Sanchez is blocking him at first, but the Marlins are giving serious thought to trying Morrison, 21, in left field. The Marlins already have a pair of near major league ready outfielders in John Raynor and Scott Cousins, who along with Morrison will be invited to big-league camp this spring.

Factor in how quickly Mike Stanton is climbing the organizational ranks and the Marlins could determine arbitration-eligible outfielders Josh Willingham and/or Jeremy Hermida are expendable.

Depending on how things go, it wouldn't surprise me to see Willingham and Hermida traded, if not this year, then possibly the next.

Morrison possess defensive skills, but first base may not be his calling.

The scouting report according to Jason Grey.

Morrison has been showing big raw power, both in batting practice and in games here, including to the opposite field with an inside-out stroke. Not only does he have the power potential, but also the ability to make consistent contact to go with it. He does have a small hitch in his trigger and a tiny wrap in his swing, but the 6-foot-2, 215-pounder doesn't overswing and is handling balls on the inner half much better this year.



Athletic for his size, Morrison has a good arm and his defense at first base should not be an issue, despite limited range.

Normally limited range at first has to with quickness, and not speed.  Assuming Mr. Grey is correct in his analysis, Logan may soon discover that the outfield is in his future.  At some point, hopefully, improving the infield, and outfield for that matter, defense is going to more than just lip service and Morrison has the skills to roam left field.  All it will take is a little training.

Like I said, it may not happen in 2009 but it could happen in the future.  That, or the Marlins will start trading young prospects.  But really, if the trading were to happen, it wouldn't take place in any quantity until around 2010.

You know, cashing in stores of value.  (If you don't know, I will explain it sometime.)