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General Managers meetings

The General Managers meetings start today in Dana Point, California.  Not exactly sure where that is and I'm way too lazy to look it up.  However, I'm sure it is nice town filled with wonderful people.

The General Managers meetings are scheduled to take place from November 3 to November 6.  Normally, this isn't a big news event, but sometimes the meetings have ramifications.  Example:  the GM meetings led to a changing of the rules in 2007 that when a suspended game was tied it would be resumed from the point of suspension instead of starting over from scratch.  I liked the old rule better.

One of the topics that is expected to be discussed is whether the World Series should be played at a neutral site.  Neutral, of course meaning, somewhere the games won't have to be played in ungodly cold and rainy conditions.

In order to guarantee that there isn't  a weather delay which causes a game to end at 1:50 a.m. the stadium will need a roof.

If I recall correctly that would be:




Minnesota (for now)


St. Petersburg (for now)


The only problem is if you select the site in advance of the season, I can't see how you can guarantee that any of the sites above will be neutral come time for the playoffs.  Then again, if they treat it like the Super Bowl, the average fan isn't going to be able to buy a ticket anyway seeing how they won't be made available.  So I guess they could end up being neutral for all the wrong reasons

Can't say I'm onboard for a neutral site, but I completely understand why it needs to be discussed.  Baseball isn't supposed to be played in a driving rain with temperatures bordering in the 30's.