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Chum Bucket

The Chum Bucket post is going to a little late this due to the schedule of the SBN post awards.  In other words, it, like the post season awards will be posted by the timer, which probably means they will show up all at once.  (I don't use the timer very often, so who knows if I know what I'm doing.)

The weekend has ended, and sadly, Monday is here once again.  But there is no need to be depressed about the inevitable, we have a Chum Bucket to think of.

So like every Chum Bucket that has ever graced the pages of FishStripes, it is a completely open thread.  So discuss anything your heart desires.  Baseball is always good, but how to effectively use chopsticks will also work as well.  (Is anyone, any good at using them, because I suck.)

Welcome to the week and like always, Have a Great Day!