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Long Weekend Chum Bucket

Seeing how there isn't much going on with the Fish and considering I really need to write an article I promised someone I would deliver about a month ago, we get the long version of Chum Bucket.  Which ain't necessarliy bad.

So this is the usual Weekend Chum Bucket with an extra day included.  You know how this goes, Chum Buckets are a completely open thread where you can discuss anything that is to your mind.  Whether that be Marlins baseball, pottery, the proper way to attach christmas lights to the roof of a house, which LCD TV is the best one on the market or whatever else comes to mind.  Basically, anything goes.

Speaking of LCD TVs, I reason to believe that my TV isn't long for this world and I'm looking to replace it with a new HD LCD and would be more than happy to hear any suggestions that you may have in this area.

If you are getting a long weekend, and I hope you are, the important thing is to kick-back and enjoy the time off.  After all, that is what it is for.

In other words, Have a Great extended Weekend!