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Happy Thanksgiving!



Here is wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

If you happen to be a non-U.S. residential FishStriper -- Have a Great Day!

On Thanksgiving we are suppose to give thanks for what makes life at least a little better, I will keep with tradition.  I am thankful for every FishStriper in our little online community.  The good thing about being a small group of people who share a favorite baseball team is that in some respect it makes our time together a more wonderful experience.

When you are trying to solve mysteries without any clues, it is always nice to have friends traveling along with you.

Too mushy?  Then fine, live with it.  (It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a family member showing some attitude, now would it.)

Above all else, enjoy the day.

Consider this an Open Thread, or should that be a Chum Bucket?  Who knows? I don't know.