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Chum Bucket

Alright, we have made it to Tuesday and you know what that means, we're going to have a special guest.  So breakout the broom and sweep the place clean. And dust off the mat so the welcome can be seen....

Uh, okay, we aren't going to have a special guest -- it was just me recalling a song from the old Mickey Mouse club that I would probably be better off forgetting.

But enough of that.

In sports today, there is college basketball galore.  However, the game that interests me the most is the college football game between Western Michigan and Ball State.  Ball State is looking to keep their perfect season alive, while Western Michigan still has a shot at the Western Region MAC crown.  The game has potential.

Seeing how a non-BCS team's possible perfect season was mentioned, I must I agree with Fishcrazy.  The whole BCS thing is rigged.  An undefeated Boise State, Utah or Ball State will never play for the national championship.  Instead, one day, you may see a 7-4 Big 12 team playing a 8-3 SEC team for the honors.  Maybe that is the way it should be, but something doesn't feel right about it.

Should you have something else on your mind besides sports, have at it.  The diversity in conversation is always welcomed.

Have a Great Day!