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Florida Marlins 2009 Spring Training Schedule

While there is a tentative part to the spring training schedule, it is coming more into focus.

The Marlins will play 19 home games at Roger Dean Stadium, plus an additional 3 games as visitors with our spring training roommates, the St. Louis Cardinals.  So that is 22 games for your viewing pleasure in Jupiter.  But that isn't all, the Marlins will be on the "road" for 4 games against the Orioles in Ft. Lauderdale.  So that brings the grand total to 26 games in our immediate area.

Perhaps the most interesting games will take place on March 3 and 4 when the Marlins are slated to take on teams who will be participating in the WBC.  On March 3, the Marlins will host the Dominican Republic and on the 4th, Italy.

The interesting thing about the game against the Dominican is that Hanley Ramirez will be playing for the visitors.  Okay, he may not play in the game for Dominican, but he should be on the team.

Another feature of the spring schedule is..... do you remember in past years getting off from work or school and going to see a Marlins spring training game at night?  Sure, it only happened about four times in the spring but it was always fun.  Well, you won't be doing that this season.  The only night game is the second to last game against the Blue Jays.  This is not an improvement.

Spring training gets underway on February 14, Valentine's Day, when catchers and pitchers report.  The position players report on February 17.

The Marlins first game is against the Cardinals on February 25 and it all wraps up on April 4 against the Blue Jays.  Apparently, the Fish are going to start the regular season a little later in 2009.

Here is the schedule as it stands right now:

Florida Marlins 2009 Spring Training Schedule