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Chum Bucket

This will be a short week for most of us, but short week or not, Monday is Monday.  So we have to deal, just like we always do.

In sports today, there is Monday Night Football, of course.  But hey, UF is playing Syracuse in college basketball on ESPN2, followed by some other game.  Actually the second game is Kansas at Washington, which could be interesting.  Also, I think hockey is on the tube.

If you aren't in the sporting mood, there are all sorts of possibilities to discuss.  One I think we can rule out, judging by the comments (or lack thereof) is garden gnome positioning.  Who knew that wouldn't be a fan favorite?

Perhaps you are more into candle pin bowling or kite fishing.  Now, those have to be pique most everyone's interest.  Should neither of those do anything for you, which is hard to imagine, just jump in there with whatever is on your mind.

Have a Great Day!