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Chum Bucket

We finally made it to Friday and I must say, earlier in the week, I wasn't sure that we would.  But we did.  Yaay us!

In sports, the NBA seems to be in full swing tonight and there is a college basketball game.  Along with Fresno State playing San Jose State in college football.  In other words, it is time to move on from the 'Canes looking so, how do you diplomatically say it, stinking lousy last night.  I have more to say about the game, but I don't think I'm allowed too.

Turning the page, if you want to talk about the Marlins, that is the number one fan favorite.  And who would've thunk since this a Marlins blog.  However, if climatology is your thing, get after it.  Maybe someone will chime in.  Then again, those of us who are freezing to death really don't want to hear about the perfect weather in South Florida.  So may be you should choose something else.  How about wine making, yeah, that is something I can use.  I want be able to offer any tidbits, but I can sure take notes.

Have a Great Friday!