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Stadium News - Sort of

The Florida Supreme Court made its final ruling on the Strand v. Escambia County case.

There'll be no triple flip-flop on the question of whether voter approval is needed for local redevelopment bond sales.

The Florida Supreme Court refused on Wednesday to rehear the tax increment financing case again.

The high court ruled 28 years ago that referendums aren't needed for bonds repaid by new property tax revenues generated by the redevelopment projects. Last year, it reversed that precedent.

After a rehearing, the justices reversed their 2007 decision in September. They ruled the bonds don't need voter approval after all.


Now, Judge Cohen can finally grow a spine and put to rest the Braman suit, at least in its original form.

One down, probably many to go.

Of course team Braman, ever the thorn in the Marlins sides, knew this ruling was coming and will continue his parking garage suit.  

Needless to say, Braman won't be invited to my Thanksgiving celebration.  I'm sure he is crushed to learn that.

But hey, one is lawsuit is down.  That is unless Cohen something really strange, but I'm guessing that she won't.