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Flotsam and Jetsam

My, my, my.  It is has been next to forever since we have done a Flotsam and Jetsam post.  But today is the day to revive the old tradition.

Generally, a Flotsam and Jetsam post happens when I realize that nothing much new is being reported about the Marlins and I have absolutely no time to write something original.

So here we go:

In the SB Nation baseball blog world FishStripes has some sites that are our buds.  Most all of them are in the NL, but there is only one in the AL and it is Bless You Boys, who covers the Tigers.  Which would make sense in a superficial way since a lot of their players played for the Marlins at one time or another.  But the real explanation is: they are kindred spirits.  Well, okay, kindred spirits whose team has way too much money.

Anyway, Ian poses the question to the Tigers fans whether to Bring Back Mike Rabelo?

Apparently Logan Morrison is turning heads in the AFL.

John Sickles had this to say:

Logan Morrison, 1B, Florida Marlins: This guy looked great. Very fast bat, quick, relatively short swing, works the count well. Scouts are arguing over how much home run power he will develop, if he'll be a 15-20 homer guy or a 25-30 homer guy. Given his youth and continued improvement, I am very optimistic.

Which was backed up by The Sporting News, which said:

Logan Morrison, 1B, Florida. A hard worker who has turned himself into one of the top hitting prospects in the minors, Morrison hit over .400 in the Fall League. The Marlins farmhand is a patient hitter with a powerful, compact stroke. He won't hit tons of home runs, but he should bat close to .300 and have at least average power.

Whether Logan plays first base for the Marlins is in some doubt, he can also play the outfield, but what isn't in doubt is that he will play for the Marlins at some point in his career.  With the usual caveats applying.

Our good buddy Photi posted a link to the Marlins winter ball stats.  I knew this existed but completely forgot about it.  Click on the link(s) and see how the guys are doing.

Over at Beyond The Box Score, our good friend Sky put together some numbers on base running runs and Dan Uggla is one of the best.  If you are interested in the methodology that was used, it is provided.

Speaking of things going on at Beyond The Box Score, they are presenting the History of Baseball.  And so far, the first two parts are completed.

The History of the American League and National League, Part I.

The History of the American League and National League, Part II.

The Marlins appear in Part II.

And finally, if you have something you want, former Marlin, Al Leiter to sign, that should be no problem.  Apparently he is more than happy to oblige.

And that concludes today's Flotsam and Jetsam.