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Chum Bucket

Well we made it to Wednesday, and that ain't bad.  Therefore it is time for the Wednesday Chum Bucket.

There are several things going on in sports tonight, but the important one is Ball State at Central Michigan.  Both teams are undefeated in conference play and this game will determine which one represents their region in the MAC Championship game.

I will say this: if Central Michigan pulls the same stunt in the second half that they did against Northern Illinois, this will be a blowout.  But they've probably learned from their mistakes and won't do that again.

This is still weird to me that I follow the MAC and I couldn't name all of the teams in the conference that the school I graduated from plays in.  Go figure.

But perhaps you are normal and couldn't care less about Ball State and Central Michigan, and therefore have other things on your mind.  Whatever those things may be feel free to jump into the thread and let the world know.  And you can never tell, someone else may have the exact same interest.

Have a Great Day!