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Florida Marlins lose a cross checker

The Florida Marlins have a hole to fill in the scouting department.

Meanwhile the Mariners have made one hire, naming former Seattle scout Mike Cadahia as the new national cross checker. The national cross checker has primary responsibility for evaluating talent the Mariners are interested in taking in the June draft.


Cadahia spent the last six seasons as the Florida Marlins' East Coast scouting cross checker.

In case you don't know what a cross checker is, he or she follows up on a scout's recommendation.  In other words, if a scout sees someone they think can help the team, a cross checkers is dispatched to check the scout's analysis of the player.

Kinda like a super scout.

I'm willing to take over the Marlins' East Coast scouting cross checker job, but hopefully, the team isn't scraping that low in the barrel.