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Chum Bucket

It's Friday!  Yaaaay!  And time for the Friday Chum Bucket.

I was going to post this in yesterday's Chum Bucket's comments, but time got away from me.  The first, and only, time I went to see a hockey game live I went with someone who knew what was going on and he tried to explain the game to me with little avail.

A representative conversation went like this:

Me: why is that red light flashing and everyone screaming?

Him: the team just scored.

Me: scored?

Him: yes, the puck went into the net.

Me: there's a puck?!  Are you sure? I haven't seen it yet.

In sports tonight, on the tv, the Nuggets play the Celtics and in the college football game Cincinnati is visiting Louisville.  If you go to the college football game, wear red, that way you can cheer for whomever is winning.

The Marlins trade du jour hasn't been announced as yet.

As always you are far from limited to sports, talk about anything you would like.

Have a Great Day!