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Hanley Ramirez wins Silver Slugger

Hanley Ramirez won the Silver Slugger award.

Hanley Ramirez won the Silver Slugger Award as the National League's top hitting shortstop. The awards were announced Thursday. Ramirez is the fourth Marlin to win a Silver Slugger, joining Gary Sheffield (1993 and '96), Mike Lowell (2003) and Miguel Cabrera (2005 and '06).

Something gives me the idea that there may be many more in the young man's future.

Congratulations Hanley!

The other winners, in case you care, are:

Other winners in the National League were: catcher Brian McCann (Braves); pitcher Carlos Zambrano (Cubs); first baseman Albert Pujols (Cardinals); second baseman Chase Utley (Phillies); third baseman David Wright (Mets), outfielder Ryan Braun (Brewers); outfielder Matt Holliday (Rockies), and outfielder Ryan Ludwick (Cardinals).

Now if we could also win one of those gold glove things, we used to win all the time, that would be nice.