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Chum Bucket

The length of today's Chum Bucket will depend on how fast I can type.

In sports today: our Miami is playing Virginia Tech in college football on ESPN.  College football is sometimes hard to guess, but this game has the potential of being a good contest.  There is some soccer stuff going on, can you tell I'm not a fan?  Nothing wrong with the sport, however, it never hit home with me.  Of course, the fact that I sucked at it as a kid has nothing to do with my opinion.  Also, I think, but not sure, hockey is taking place.

Maybe non-baseball sports don't float your boat and you want to talk about something else, go for it.  Chum Bucket can handle anything.

What I learned today, I already knew, I can hit the keys really fast, but unfortunately, never the right ones.  Typos are my speciality.

Have a Great Day!