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Chum Bucket

It is time for another Chum Bucket, but unfortunately, time isn't something I have a lot of today.

Let's see, in sports: the Heat are hosting Portland on ESPN. But if pro basketball doesn't float your boat, and it doesn't mine, the MAC is back in action with Central Michigan playing Northern Illinois.  For all the Ball State haters non-fans, Central Michigan has the best shot to end their perfect season.  How the heck I know so much about the MAC confuses me, maybe it has something to do with they always play during the work week.  Who knows.

If you rather talk about baseball, and who wouldn't, go for it.  Or perhaps, calligraphy is your thing and you are looking for the perfect pen in order to do your craft.  Good luck with getting answer on that one, but then again, you never know.

I've got run.

Have a Great Day!