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Dan Uggla is not a bad second baseman

While the prevailing thought tends to be that Dan Uggla is all hit and no glove, the stats prove differently.

David Pinto of Baseball Musings fame ran his range factor stats on all the second baseman in the game today and he came up with surprising  result, at least to most people, the Marlins finished first in the second base category.

Danny finished fourth in the individual category (I'm guessing that Amezaga and Andino pushed the Marlins to the top of the list when Danny wasn't in the lineup.)

Mr. Pinto being very skeptical of the results, he is a baseball fan after all, and he saw the All-Star game, so he investigated further.

And what he found out is that Danny can play second, and do it quite well.  Now, if you read the post, and you should, a lot of Uggla's success as determined by the range factor stats has to do with positioning.  Whether Andy Fox is calling the shots or if Danny just knows where to go, I can't say.  But I do know this, if the sports writers keep harping on improving the right-side of the infield defense, talking about moving Uggla is a waste of time.

And oh, by the way, when our friend Sky at Beyond the Box Score complied his numbers for all of the major league players, which includes hitting and fielding, Danny finished in the top 30 players in all of baseball.  The actual number Danny ended up being ranked was the 28th best position player in the game.  And that ain't too bad.

Who knows, maybe if we trade him we can get four crappy minor leaguers in return.  One can only hope.