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Super Saturday offer more Hispanic Shows

Or at least, that is the plan.

The Florida Marlins booked such tropical stars as Willy Chirino, Olga Tanon and El Gran Combo to play 50-minute shows after select "Super Saturday" home games last season. Sean Flynn, marketing VP at Miami's Major League Baseball team, expects more than half the acts for next year's "Super Saturday" games to be Latin performers. Musical guests are paid a flat fee rather than a percentage of ticket sales.

The acts also get other benefits, including promotion through TV, radio, print and outdoor ads that run before the performance. Though factors like a team's record, the day's opponent and the weather all affect attendance, Flynn says the goal is to get at least half the crowd to stay for the concerts. By some measures, "our Hispanic shows are outperforming our general-market shows," he says.

 Honestly, I don't think the team's record has anything to do with the attendance during the regular season.  If it does, I haven't noticed it.  

 Personally I am all in favor of more Hispanic shows.  I like the music, always have.  Now, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a blast to the past 80's concert every now and then.  But if the marketeers need to lean one way or the other -- go Hispanic.