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Misty May-Treanor Recovering

Yes, we keep with Misty on this blog.

It's now more than a month since her left Achilles tendon ruptured while rehearsing for a "Dancing With The Stars" routine called the jive, and Misty May-Treanor is in an upbeat mood even though her ambulatory needs still are aided by crutches, a wheelchair, or a four-wheel scooter.

"A couple of more weeks, and I'll be able to put a little pressure on the foot," she says. "But right now I still need help."



Misty May-Treanor, who won her second straight Olympic beach volleyball gold medal with partner Kerri Walsh in Beijing, insists she's actually savoring her inactivity.

"Why should I be depressed?" she asks rhetorically.

"Injuries happen when you engage in physical activity. And, believe me, dancing isn't easy. It's far more strenuous than people might think. I used totally different muscles than I did in volleyball.

"Look, I actually feel fortunate that, if I did have to get injured, it happened when it did. What if it had occurred before the Olympics, or even during the Olympics? I've been pretty blessed with the way my career has gone. I have no complaints."


Wonderful attitude, and we wish her the best.  However, I doubt she will ever be the same where athletics are concerned.  A blown Achilles is extremely hard to recover from and given her profession, it could be a deal ender.  I hope it is not, but I will be very surprised to see her playing volleyball at the same level again.  Could be wrong, I am a lot, and with any luck this one of those times.