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Braves considering Scott Olsen

Apparently the word around the campfire is that the Braves may be the latest suitors in the hunt for Scott Olsen.

Add the Braves to the growing list of teams interested in Florida left-hander Scott Olsen. A prime topic of conversation at the GM meetings, Olsen has already been talked about in possible deals with the Rangers and Indians. The Marlins are looking for catching and bullpen help.

According to Scott Miller of, the Braves approached the Marlins about Olsen at the GM meetings. Ideally, the Marlins would prefer not to trade within their division. For the right offer, it wouldn't matter. In the past, Florida dealt Carlos Delgado and Paul Lo Duca to the Mets. They also shipped Mike Hampton to the Braves in November of 2002, and Cliff Floyd to the Expos in July of 2002.

 Gondeee, of Talking Chop, had this to say:

I always thought Olsen was considered a hot-head. I remember clashes between him and Joe Girardi when he managed the Marlins -- kind of a strange personality to add to the Braves clubhouse.

I like Gondeee, he is a good guy, he knows the Braves and he knows baseball, but he knows absolutely nothing about Scott Olsen.

Olsen is an excellent teammate and anyone on the Marlins will tell you the same.  He is not a "hot-head", contrary to what has been written in the past.  But the point of all of this is not to call Gondeee out, I mean really, how could he know.

It is just to bring out the recurring theme that is being said about Olsen by the sports writers and the baseball bloggers.  And actually, Gondeee treated with more dignity than most.

Now, I'm not trying to sell Olsen, heck, I want him back.  It is just that I think he is getting an unfair shake in the press.  That is all.

Oh, Gondeee, that home run thing, is a problem.