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Andrew Miller part of a camp

Andrew Miller is taking part in instruction young players about the game of baseball.

The first event is the "All Star Major League Training Camp" from 10am - 2pm for baseball players 8 - 18 years old. Professional players will be sharing drills and skills with typical kids. Players attending this event are Ciff Lee (Cleveland Indians), AJ Burnett (Toronto Blue Jays), Dustin Moseley (LA Angels), Ben Broussard (NY Yankees), Jason Davis and Matt Miller (Pittsburg Pirates), Andrew Miller (Florida Marlins) Rick Guarno, Travis Wood Chad Harville and others! Tickets are $50 per player or $65 after Nov. 8.

The second event is the "All Star Major League Party" from 7-11p at Dickey Stephens Park. Mingle with the Big Leaguers and party with Tragically White in the Beer Garden. Autographs! Photos! Entertainment! Food and Beverages! Tickets are $50 per person or $65 after Nov. 8.

 I have no idea whether the first $50 gets you into both sessions or whether it will cost you $100, assuming you pay early. to have the young Mr. Miller teach your kid how to pitch.  (Or if you are the more cynical type, walk players in strategic situations.)

 But if you happen to live near Little Rock, it may be something you want to checkout.