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Weekend Chum Bucket

Happy All Saints Day which, as per the usual, follows All Hallows Eve once again.  The weekend is upon us and it is the first one without baseball since I can't remember when.

True, the AFL, the Hawaiian Leages and Winter Baseball are still in full swing, but the last time I checked the games in those leagues aren't going to be shown on my television.  (You mileage may vary.)

Since we have no baseball or at least baseball that the majority of us can see we are left to our own devices.  Which means, we are free to discuss any topic that comes to mind.  And when it comes to discussing anything that comes to mind, there is no better place to do it than in the first Weekend Chum Bucket of the offseason.

So let rousing discussions about football, basketball, hockey, air hockey, interior decorating, how to get out of Publix for under $10, the advantages that lady bugs bring to your garden and how to keep them from flying off, auto repair (right, like it is possible to work on modern vehicles), talking the neighbor's kid out of his stash of candy, begin.

As with all Weekend Chum Buckets before it, this thread is completely open.  So have at it.

Have a Great Weekend!