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LCS Open Thread and Ichthyomancy (Day One)

The League Championship Series starts today with the National League taking center stage.

Dodgers (Lowe) at Phillies (Hamels), 8:22 p.m.

The National League games will be on Fox, which probably means we will get the...uh..."pleasure" of listening to Jack Buck and Tim McCarver drone on incessantly.  One can only hope they will notice that a game is going on sometime during the series and make intelligent comments about it.  But that is probably too much to ask.

Looking at the early rounds of starting pitching, the Dodgers appear to have the better starters.  While the Phillies have more and better boppers, which should be interesting while the games are being played in that bandbox the Phillies call a stadium.

But if history is any indicator, good pitching normally shuts down good hitting.

Just like in the LDS, you will be picking the winner of the game, player of the game and an AAB pick.

Ichthyomancy is ready to get this party started.  Best of Luck to You!  


MLB Postseason on SB Nation



FishStriper LAD@PHI Player AAB
Brickell PHI Hamels M. Ramirez: every Dodger RBI
Fishcrazy LAD Lowe Lowe: QS, W
FriedFish LAD M. Ramirez Lowe: QS, 2 < BB
Hurricane PHI Burrell M. Ramirez: 3 OB
Jrsyeagle LAD Lowe Bullpens: 2+ R, 4+ K
LadyFish LAD Lowe Lowe: QS; M. Ramirez: IBB+BB=2+
Spud LAD Martin M. Ramirez: 0 RBI
Stlcardinalsfan PHI Utley Both SP: IP > 6, ER < 3