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LDS Open Thread and Ichthyomancy (Day Five)

And the possible elimination games continue on.

Game One: Phillies (Blanton) at Brewers (Suppan), 1:07 p.m.

Game Two: Rays (Garza) at White Sox (Danks), 4:07 p.m.

Game Three: Angels (Saunders) at Red Sox (Beckett), 7:17 p.m.

LadyFish brought up an interesting point in yesterday's comments about the Sausage Race, in that, we forgot about it for Ichthyomancy.  I checked the Official Sausage Racing results page and it hasn't been updated since September 25, 2008.  That in itself isn't unusual since they rarely update it on the weekends. So here is the deal: you will be making a selection in the race and if anyone happens to see the results of the race, please report it in the comments.

So besides picking a winner for each game and for the late game, a player of the game and an AAB pick.  You will also be picking the winner of the Sausage Race.

To refresh your memory about your choices, in the order they finished the regular season: Hot Dog, Polish, Bratwurst, Chorizo and Italian.

Best of Luck to You!




MLB Postseason on SB Nation

Fishcrazy MIL CHW BOS Elisbury Beckett: QS, W
FriedFish CHW BOS Beckett Beckett: 7+ IP, 7+ K
Jrsyeagle PHI CHW LAA Teixeira Red Sox: R < 4
LadyFish MIL TB BOS Beckett Game: 2 IBB
Spud MIL TB LAA Teixeira Game: H ≥ 2x R
Stlcardinalsfan PHI CHW BOS Beckett Beckett: QS, W