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Paul Lo Duca files for free agency

Paul Lo Duca waste no time and files for free agency.

Now, it appears Lo Duca will move on, and on Thursday the veteran took his first step in testing the market. Lo Duca officially filed for free agency.

All pending free agents became eligible to file the day after the World Series ended.

The Marlins have three free agents: Lo Duca, lefty reliever Arthur Rhodes and outfielder Luis Gonzalez.

As of now, it appears doubtful the Marlins will bring any of the three back.

Actually, that is not true, the Marlins have four free agents -- the one being left off the list is Mark Hendrickson.

Gonzo said he wants to return to Arizona.  I have no idea what the D'backs are looking at for next season, but if they need a veteran off the bench, Gonzo would make a good choice.

Lo Duca is gone, he doesn't fit into the Marlins plans.  In fact, he was just brought in to pinch hit.  The only reason he saw time behind the plate was that Treanor got hurt.

Hendrickson did a pretty job at long relief, but I doubt  that the Marlins are willing to pay him a couple of million dollars to do it again.

Rhodes, is a different story, he was an excellent situational lefty and he provides veteran leadership in the pen, which gets younger by the day.  If needed, Rhodes can close but normally he does late inning setup work.

The problem with Rhodes is that those are all good qualities, which most any team would value, and the Marlins are likely to be outbid for his services.  Nonetheless, I wouldn't mind having him back.

Oh, in case you didn't know, eligible players have through Nov. 13 to file for free agency.