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Chum Bucket

The World Series is over and it was a series that left me quite unfulfilled.   I was expecting to sit down to a meal of pork filet in tamarind sauce, complete with plantains, yellow rice and black beans.  Instead I was served stinkin' dry rice cakes by some rude waiter.

The Chum Buckets are kicking it into gear because the offseason is where they shine.  So today we have the first official Chum Bucket and there are many more to come.

As with all Chum Buckets it is a complete open thread so feel free to discuss anything you like.  I have no idea what is going on today but surely there is something.  And even if there isn't, Stephen King has made a ton of money making stuff up.  Now, I'm not, necessarily suggesting you make stuff up, but if that is all you've got....then it is all you've got.

Have a Great Day!