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Mike Jacobs on the trading block

Mike Jacobs' name is mention early and often when it comes to being trade bait.  With all of the articles suggesting the Royals as front runners in the Jacobs sweepstakes.

The first one was reported by Brickell in last night's comments.

The Marlins are closing in on a deal with Kansas City in which first baseman Mike Jacobs would be traded to the Royals for right-handed reliever Leo Nunez. With the World Series complete, the deal could be announced within the next few days.

And then there is the reporting by the official site of the Marlins which backs up the Miami Herald's story.

According to a league source, the Marlins are close to trading first baseman Mike Jacobs to the Royals for right-handed reliever Leo Nunez.

The source said on Wednesday night that players have been agreed upon, and the deal could be consummated in the next few days.


Then there is Mike Berardino's take on the situation.

According to an industry source, the Marlins and Royals were "getting close" Wednesday night on a deal that would send the power-hitting first baseman to Kansas City. 

It was unclear what the Marlins would receive in return, but Triple-A right-hander Carlos Rosa has been among the primary names discussed. Rosa's fastball has been clocked at 96 mph, but he was shut down with a tender arm in mid-August. 

Other names believed to be on the Marlins' radar include big-league relievers Leo Nunez and Ramon Ramirez, Double-A right-hander Daniel Cortes and Class A right-hander Blake Wood.

The Blue Jays and Mariners also have inquired about Jacobs, but the power-starved Royals have been the most aggressive suitor.

But that is from writers covering the Marlins, what does the Kansas City press have to say about the possible trade.

The Royals’ offseason quest to add some pop to their lineup finds them moving closer to a deal with the Florida Marlins for first baseman Mike Jacobs.

Multiple sources say discussions are ongoing between the two clubs with the Marlins seeking a ready-now, low-cost reliever in exchange for Jacobs, whose salary is poised for a major increase as he enters his first offseason of arbitration eligibility.


Sources stressed no deal is yet in place.

It is not surprising that all of the teams interested in Jacobs are in the AL.  Especially given his defensive prowess and OBP the guy was born to be a DH. 

The interesting thing is his trade value, normally a player who hits 32 HR in a season can garner more than just a young relief pitcher.  But given the holes in Jacobs overall game that is all the other teams are willing to give up.  Just like we need another young pitcher who can throw a fast ball in the mid to upper nineties but has problems with his secondary (breaking stuff) pitches.  The Marlins aren't exactly short on those.  I guess it is the more the merrier and some of them may even pan out.  Of course, if they don't, they may have a free trip to Alabama in their future.

Jacobs will be traded to someone, that is almost guaranteed.  What the Marlins will receive is still in question, but it is looking like a young hard throwing reliever, who may still need some seasoning.  I guess the only problem I have with acquiring another young arm is that the front office tends to rush players they have traded for to the majors.  I have never understood the thinking that a trade should pay immediate dividends.

I have more to say but it can wait until we know for certain what we are going to get in return for Jacobs.  That is assuming a deal can be worked out, and I am guessing it can.