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LDS Open Thread and Ichthyomancy (Day Three)

In a bit of a hurry, so this will be brief.  First off: Congratulations to the Rays on their first post season victory!  Now all you have to do is keep winning and eventually you will get to play in the television prime time game.  Trust me, the Fish get the exact same treatment when we make the playoffs.

There are only two games on today's schedule.

Game One: White Sox (Buehrle) at Rays (Kazmir), 6:07 p.m.

Game Two: Red Sox (Matsuzaka) at Angels (Santana), 9:37 p.m.

As per the usual you will be selecting a winner in each game and a player and AAB pick for the late game.

Best of Luck to You!




MLB Postseason on SB Nation

FishStriper CHW@TB BOS@LAA Player AAB
Brickell TB BOS Matsuzaka Matsuzaka: H < 4
Bumppo TB LAA Guerrero Matsuzaka: QS, no W
Fishcrazy CHW BOS Ortiz Matsuzaka: QS, W
FriedFish TB LAA Guerrero Matsuzaka: K < 4 < ER
Hurricane TB LAA Hunter Red Sox pen: L
Jrsyeagle TB BOS Pedroia Papelbon: save, enters in 8th
LadyFish TB LAA Hunter Game: HR
Spud TB LAA Teixeira Angels: H=R
Stlcardinalsfan CHW LAA Anderson Anderson: HR