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Matt Treanor has surgery

Matt Treanor, as expected, had surgery on his left hip.

After experiencing discomfort for the majority of the season, Matt Treanor took a measure of relief on Wednesday.

The 32-year-old catcher underwent surgery to repair three muscle tears in his left hip area.

The procedure, which was performed by Dr. William Meyers in Philadelphia, was planned for weeks.



The injury has been called a "sports hernia," and the surgery Treanor had is similar to the one Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles had in 2005.

Normal recovery time is three to six weeks, and Treanor should be ready by Spring Training. The question is whether he will still be with the Marlins. He is in his second season of arbitration, and John Baker claimed the starting job in July after Treanor was placed on the disabled list.



I hope the club brings Treanor back, even if it is in a backup roll.  Treanor has always tried to help the younger players with their game and Baker needs some help defensively.  To paraphrase the movie Major League: Well, you may hit like Pudge but you catch like s**t.

Believe me, Baker needs a mentor.  And should he not be able to achieve super duper catching ninja level five, and not everyone can, the team would have Treanor available to come in and block the spliters and sliders in the dirt in the late innings.

And on a selfish note, anytime I post something about Misty, Treanor's wife, FishStripes gets more hits for that one post than we do for the whole rest of the week combined.  It turns out she is famous. Who knew.