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Justin Miller released

The Marlins front office continues to reduce the number arbitration eligible players.  Justin Miller was released.

Change will be inevitable. In all, 16 players are up for arbitration. The number was 18, but reliever Justin Miller and right-hander Sergio Mitre were released.

Actually, the number is 15 now.

Which begs the question, what are the opposing announcers going to talk about when referencing the Marlins now that the tattooed one is gone.  I know most you get Rich and Tommy for all of the games but those of us who watch on get the road announcers when the Fish are away from JRS.  And there favorite topic always seemed to be Justin's tattoos.  And we would hear about it night after night after night.

Nothing like spending two minutes of pre-game research learning about the visiting team.

If you click on the link, it is rather lenghty article about a bunch of stuff and most of it being speculation.  In other words, guessing.  We will all get to see what happens as  the offseason unfolds.  But if bar talk interests you, read away.  I will warn you, some of the numbers aren't correct.