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Cody Ross has a fan

Well, actually, Cody Ross has more than one fan.  Example: .  So maybe a better description would be Cody has a stalker of sorts.

Cody Ross who plays for the Marlins is one that I have been following since I lived in Vegas and attended almost every game in 2006. I have 5 of his autographs:
- Game worn jersey
- baseball that he signed when we met
- program that I asked him to sign
- 2 broken bats

Fan -- stalker of sorts, is there really any difference?

Naturally, I am also a fan of Cody, he does good and his walk-off two run homer against Cincinnati was one the feel good moments of the season. (Don't ask me what is wrong with the audio -- I don't work for

Disclaimer: Just kidding about the stalker or sorts moniker.  It is just another way to say I'm jealous.