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World Series Open Thread and Ichthyomancy (Game Five, Cont'd)

The hopes are that game five will resume sometime tonight and if it does, the weather is going to be just awful.

I have no idea who the pitchers will be once the game is resumed, assuming that is tonight.  But one thing is for certain, or at least certain in the mind of Selig as of last night is that the World Series is not going back to St. Petersburg until game five is completed.

All Ichthyomancy picks for game five still stand.  However, we will take Hurricane's suggestion and you can make an bonus AAB pick.  The AAB pick must go from inning 5.5 forward.  In other words, Upton scores the tying run in the top of sixth, ain't going to cut it.

I am so out of time.

Best of Luck to You!