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Florida Marlins minor leaguers

There is some recent news about the Florida Marlins minor leaguers and their offseason pursuits.

The first being about the boys in the AFL.

Marlins prospects, left-hander Sean West, first baseman Logan Morrison and outfielderJohn Raynor, will represent the American Division in the Arizona Fall League's third annual Rising Stars game tonight in Surprise, Ariz.

No surprises there.

The other is this:

The Florida Marlins have moved one of their top prospects from the outfield to the pitcher’s mound.

I know that may sound weird or a long stretch, but Kris Harvey does have pitching experience.


The transition should be easy for Harvey, who had some success as a pitcher with Clemson because of a fastball that could reach the low to mid 90s.

Harvey has his own personal pitching coach and the Marlins are happy with that because he was once employed by the organization.

Bryan Harvey was the closer for the Marlins in their inaugural season of 1993 and saved 45 games that year. He was an All-Star closer.

The Marlins have a lot of very good pitching prospects and that may be a tough row to hoe. But when you are hitting like a pitcher (.148 BA in 209 AB in Double-A), it is probably best to ask your Dad for advice on how to pitch in professional baseball.