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World Series Open Thread and Ichthyomancy (Game Two)

I was cruising around the SB Nation baseball blogs last night and a couple of the bloggers had that stat generated game stuff up for the first game of the World Series.  Where they found it, I don't know.  But until I can locate it, you've got me.  Sorry about that.

If you are cheering for the Rays, take heart.  So far in the playoff season, they have yet to win their first game at home.

Game Two: Phillies (Myers) at Rays (Shields),  8:29 p.m.

Myers hasn't been all that good of late.  Oh sure, he did well against the sinking faster than the Titanic Brewers two starts ago.  But he was lit up like a Christmas tree in his other 3 most recent starts.

Shields has, for the most part, pitched pretty well in the playoffs.  If he had been left in the game for one more out in his last appearance, all of his starts in the post season would be of the quality variety.

In case you didn't see last night's game you have a free taco promised to you by Taco Bell.  The deal was signed in ink when Jason "King Taco" Bartlett stole second.  The details on how to get your free taco are here.

For the rest of the series and maybe for the rest of his career Bartlett will be known as King Taco, at least at FishStripes.  And probably only at FishStripes.  But since when do we do anything normal.

Best of Luck to You!




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FishStriper PHI@TB Player AAB
Brickell TB Iwamura Myers: IP ≤ 3
Hurricane TB Longoria Game: 10+ R
Jrsyeagle TB Crawford Game: R ≤ 10, 20+ H
LadyFish TB Floyd Rays: 2 SB
Spud TB Longoria Game: back to back HR
Stlcardinalsfan TB Upton Rays: 1+ R in 1st
Weird Vic TB Upton Rays: 1+ HR, 1+ SB