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Florida Marlins Trade Bait

This is from Mike Berardino on his shared blog and I'm not sure what I think about it.

Here are a couple of excerpts:

Talked with a veteran scout this week about the Marlins' cache of potential trade targets


Some of the scout's thoughts:

() "Jeremy Hermida does nothing for me. No passion for the game. Once Fredi took him out of the lineup down the stretch, his lower lip was dragging. I saw him take BP late in the year and he looked like he was getting ready for an A-ball game. I have my doubts about him. No interest here."


() "We've heard good things about Scott Olsen. Maybe he really has finally figured it out. Not sure what they're asking for him, but I see plenty of upside there."


() "Amezaga is an interesting guy, too. It sounds like they'll get rid of him to save some money there and turn the utility job over to (Robert) Andino. There will be some dropoff but Andino's a good athlete."


Click on the link and read the rest of them.

And therefore Hermida is first.  The scout's assessment of Hermida doesn't surprise me at all.  When a scout is evaluating talent they look to see how the player handles adversity.  Meaning if a player goes 0 for 4, that doesn't bother the scout at all as long as the player had a good at bat with the right attitude.  Example: if one player goes 0 for 4 and makes the pitcher throw 36 pitches in the process and then just goes about the other aspects of the game, good.  If the player goes 0-4 and only sees 4 pitches and then throws his helmet in the dugout after each at bat, not so good.

 One indicates a team player who is trying to get better at his craft and help the team.  The other is someone who may lack the makeup to be very useful to the team down the road.

Next up is Olsen.  "We've heard good things about Scott Olsen."   "...but I see plenty of upside there."  Look, you either seen or you haven't.  You can't have it both ways and make a valid point.  I will say this, however, in my opinion, there is a lot upside to Scott Olsen and so much so, I would hate to see him traded.  Yeah, you can talk about Andrew Miller's potential all you want to but until he can eat 200 innings in the majors, it is just talk.

And finally for the partial list covered is Amezaga.  What is this crap about possibly unloading Alfredo?  Didn't the Loria decree from on high, that the Marlins could keep any arbitration eligible player Beinfest and company saw fit.  Assuming the edict wasn't a rumor, I can't imagine letting the best utility man and possibly the best defensive short stop in the NL go.  It is not that I have anything against Andino, he is a fine infielder with good speed and the team's best rock-paper-scissors player, but, at this point at least, he ain't no Alfredo.

Like I said, click on the link and read the rest.