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Chum Bucket

We are still a day away from the start of the World Series and therefore that means another Chum Bucket, which is good because you are going to see a lot of them in the offseason.  Might as well get some practice in now.

As far as sports goes, I think the "powerful" Ohio team plays the somewhat less "powerful" Temple team in football.  However, Temple is at home so that may even the odds.

But we aren't just about sports, you could discuss the best way to build a compost heap, auto mechanics, fishing with no bait or how to talk clearly with a stocking over your head.  Really, any thing is fair game.

Note about the World Series television ratings:

In the past 10 years, the highest-rated Fall Classic was the seven-game Florida Marlins-Cleveland Indians matchup, which averaged a 16.7 rating/29 share.

Did not know that.  I would've thought it would've been game seven of the 2001 series when the Diamondbacks beat the Yankees.  Live and learn.

Have a Great Day!