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Fredi Gonzalez weighs in on the World Series

Fredi Gonzalez didn't make a prediction but had this to say about the World Series match up.

Gonzalez said he expects it to be a classic World Series, full of drama.

''I think it's going to be a heck of a series,'' Gonzalez said. ``They're pretty equal. I think the Phillies might have a little more power and Tampa's starting pitching might be a little better. But they're close, and it's going to be fun.''

While Fredi may be correct in his analysis, I think he is leaving out one crucial point:  the Phillies haven't played a game since last Wednesday.  By the time the first pitch is thrown in the series, the boys from Philadelphia will have had six days off.

Players often mention how hard it is to get back their timing back after the three days off from the All-Star break.  IIRC, the Rockies, last year, had seven days off before the series started and they never returned to form.

Of course, home field advantage would help, but the Phillies don't have that luxury due in part to their closer Brad Lidge.

The only blemish on a virtually flawless season by closer Brad Lidge cost the Philadelphia Phillies home-field advantage in the World Series. . . .

Lidge, unbeaten in two decisions and perfect in 46 regular-season and playoff save opportunities this season, was the losing pitcher in the All-Star game, giving up a 15th-inning sacrifice fly to Michael Young in the American League's 4-3 victory over the National at Yankee Stadium. . . .

Because of that, the Series opens Wednesday at Tampa Bay...

There is a little more to the story than just the sacrifice fly, his mound opponent at the time was Scott Kazmir who got the win.

As they say: it's a small world -- but I would hate to paint it.