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Chum Bucket

While we are waiting for the World Series to begin, we are blessed with another Chum Bucket. Lucky us.

Chum Buckets are a completely open thread where you can talk about anything your heart desires. It can be about sports, whittling, how to fold to sails, the proper spray paint to use when disabling a security camera, or really anything.

An interesting note:

All four expansion teams since 1993 (Marlins, Rockies, Diamondbacks, Rays) have now made it to the World Series, Florida has two world championships and Arizona has one...

The same cannot be said of all the expansion teams since 1960.

Today's Chum Bucket is going to have something new, a poll.

What I'm interested in knowing is who are you rooting for in the World Series. Not, who you think will win, but who you would like to see win.

Have a Great Day!